Geek time !

Yay! FINAL FANTASY XIII is a verry very very good game to introduce FINAL FANTASY series to the PS3 !
It is so beautiful, and I love all of the characters, it's pretty rare for me !

Here, I was playing as Lightning (it was during the main story of the game, when we were on Gran Pulse).

And here it was during a hunting mission, I've kept the same team I had during the main game, and I played as Lightning again, but I will change for all missions !


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Namae wo Kasu Photoshoot - PREVIEW #2

Hey again !

Just to show prevriew of the project :

Yesterday I was sick, so, this drawing was retarded, but I'm still in advance, because I have to post it tomorrow and I almost finish it (even if, it will be end yesterday...)

And my room, just the video games side !

Bye-bye !

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Namae wo Kasu Photoshoot - PREVIEW

Hi !

We work on the photographs of the Namae wo Kasu photoshoot from the band ?NONSENSE? !
Here this is a preview from Toshi's shoot !
It will be finished ... maybe today but post in (I hope) two days ! (We must post them in order, so there are Sora and shino first).

There is the preview :

To talk about something I'm on collective mood, I love buy things like plushes and figures and the last monday I've bought some things :

In first, There is the Cheshire Cat !!!! 3 years I want it !!!! 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy !!!!!!!! It is so cutie !!!!

And here there is Cygnus Hyoga from Saint Seiya ! I love this character with ice attacks ! I love his melancholic side, the fact that is love so much his mother and that he is so attached to his master (Crystal for the animation and Camus for the manga).

Besides..... it so hoooooooooooooooooot, I hate summer ! 32°C in my town it is sooooooo high ! I'm only good when it is 20°C !
Hurray for Winter !!!!!

P.S : Oh.... and I fail my exams.....


Hey !!!!!

I love taking pictures with my phone !
Lj is a great journal service, I was here long time ago but I leave it I don't know why...

Woaw ! It's a big photo of my little dog !
Her name, Tania, she's a very adorable dog, very smart ! I love her so much ! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Besides, I have (well, we hyt and myself) a big drawing project called "THE NAMELESS PROJECT", in the previous post, I talk about it !

Well, I am not very good for talking (writing) things, so I will return to my second fav' thing .... DO NOTHING !

:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

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credits to http:/xhirotox.deviantart.com

WONDER : the NAMELESS PROJECT - The explanation


?ナンセンス? (read NONSENSE) is a five-member japanese visual-kei rock band. It was formed by five high school old friends. There are Sora (塑瘰) for vocals, Shino for guitar and backing vocals, Toshi (俊) for guitar, piano and backing vocals, Aoi (葵) for bass guitar, keyboard and backing vocals and Sou (奏) for drums.

In fact, the band was formed during high school, just for the "High School Cultural Festival", but after pass their exams, and make their own lives, the five friends have decided to form a rock band.

The band was created by the drummer, Sou after the disbandment of his previous band. He decided to continue composing music for himself, having some activities as a session member in various bands.
Then, he meets two old friends : Sora and Toshi and they decided to make a band together.
Few times after, they meet Aoi and Shino, thus ?NONSENSE? was born....